Frog spawn get their wintry start

We rarely see the very small frogs who live around our Alpine pond, but I like these discreet little creatures who help keep our garden bug-free. In winter they leave their spawn, gelatinous clusters of eggs that look green at the moment, in our pond. Every spring we have thousands!! of little tadpoles, who then turn into frogs who eat slugs and worms, although not as many as I would like them to. Fascinating and amazing little friends. Here’s the newly arrived spawn in our partly frozen pond. More than you probably want to know about frogs (scroll down to “life cycle” for frog spawn).

Voilà le début du cycle de vie de nos petites amies, des grenouilles, dans notre biotope alpin à 1’100 mètres d’altitude. Les oeufs sont bien déposés et l’eau commence  geler. Au printemps nous aurons des milliers de têtard qui se transforme par la suite en petites grenouilles, bonnes amies du jardinier.


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