Sage cure

Sage leaves in winter

Sage leaves in winter

I’ve lost my voice and last night a gardener friend suggested I try the old, old remedy of just chewing on sage leaves. Powerful flavour and it does help, I’ve discovered. She also suggested having something sweet afterwards, as a little reward and to cover the taste. I found a clementine did the trick.

My sage plants have wilted under wintry temperatures, but they are thick and down in the middle are new young leaves, perfect.

Une vieille solution quand l’on perd la voix, mâcher des feuilles de sauge. Une petite compensation de quelque chose douce par la suite est bien apprécié.

Of course, you can always buy Ricola sage sweets – which happen to have a photo on the back of the box, of the fields of sage grown by a farmer just 5 minutes down the hill from my chalet in the Alps! But if you have your own sage, try the original solution.


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