Falling in love with organic options

A friend shared a Facebook post for an organic seeds supplier I didn’t know about and I was lost to the world for several minutes while I wandered through their catalogue and web site – suddenly realizing I pass very close to them quite often. Next summer’s project to start mastering the art of a healthy organic garden has just received a boost! The Zollinger family‘s business is definitely a good address in Switzerland, just off the A9 not far from Villeneuve. They have distributors elsewhere and they mail, of course.

An event I hope I can visit, 26-27 September, is their peppers tasting event, part of the autumn festival at the Ballenberg museum – mild to very hot peppers lined up. Make it a perfect weekend of organic food and wine tasting by starting in Féchy on Saturday 26 September, the annual Fête au raisin, or grape harvest festival in one of the region’s best wine villages.

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Meanwhile, I’ve been peeking into other people’s gardens this week, getting ideas for next year. One of them is on top of the Chateau d’Aubonne, where I attended a wine and music concert organized by Domaine La Colombe, where highly regarded wine producer Raymond Paccot, has been making wine biodynamically for several years. Amazing evening! The winery is in Féchy, which is why I suggest you start your organic tasting weekend with the village festival.

This is not quite organic, but it would be criminal not to stop by while in the neighbourhood: Tristan’s chocolate boutique, just a two-minute drive up the hill, in Bougy-Villars. Since this is a garden blog, maybe I should suggest an herbal chocolate but I think I’ll just leave yoou to follow your nose.


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